Will Builders Negotiate More Aggressively on Almost Completed Inventory Homes?

The short answer…Yes! Why?

Once a Builder has completed drywall installation in an unsold Inventory Home they have much more incentive to sell that house. They no longer have just an empty lot that has very little liability and minimum carrying costs. Now the Builder has a tangible project, that starting from the days of planning and permitting, costs incrementally more money every single day. The ideal circumstance for the Builder is to Close this Inventory Home the day it is finished. Once sold, the Builder no longer pays for the costs of hanging on to that house. What costs? The list is long…. first, the cost of the money invested, then insurance, taxes, utilities, maintenance, security, cost of continued marketing, etc. The risk of burglary and vandalism is a nightmare for every Builder.  Get the point? They have to get rid of this thing!!

So with a lot of conversation (rapport), some extra time (if the market allows), a little patience, definitely some persistence, a minimum of emotions and keeping the negotiations realistic, a Texas New Home Buyer CAN make a better deal on a Builder’s Inventory.

Now the Buyer has to keep in mind, that… in the best and most desirable “hot” communities, the Builder will be less flexible for the obvious reason that they don’t have to. Whatever market conditions exist the Buyer needs to demonstrate ability and motivation to buy. The Buyer should pre-approve with the Builder’s preferred Lender. By doing this the Buyer shows his “financial cards” and the Builder knows that the “ability to close” exists. The pre-approval should be at no cost and the pre-approval does not obligate the Buyer to do anything. The Builder salesperson will also be looking to see if the Buyer is really motivated. So the Buyer might want to reveal (up to a point) what your motivations are.

Even More Savings with Stuart as Your Agent

ALL Buyers can also count on at least a 2.52% additional discount from Stuart Scholer if he is their named real estate agent on the transaction. Also keep in mind that Stuart does NOT limit the Buyer’s Rebate to 2.52%.  Frequently Builders pay a “Bonus” to the Agents when they sell an Inventory home to their Clients. If there is an extra cash “Bonus” paid at closing then Stuart Scholer pays his Clients 84% of all of that cash Bonus also. FYI… If the purchase price of the home is over $475K the Rebate goes to 86%;  over $600K… 88%;  over $750K… 91%;  over $900K… 92%;  over $1.1M… 94% of all my commission!

Remember… Stuart Scholer pays his savvy Clients 84% of all cash commissions paid by the Builder at closing. If the Client does the work… and believe me… it IS a lot of work, then the Client should  get paid for all that work. It is NOT too good to be true. It is just fair! Why shouldn’t a Real Estate Agent lower the price of their service when you, the Buyer, do most of the work?

1.) Buyers of DR Horton Inventory Homes  Count on At Least an Additional 2.5% More  Off of Their Best Negotiated Price.

2.) Can Houston Texas Home Buyers Get a Better Price Buying a New Inventory Home?

3.) Get an Extra 2.52% Off the Purchase Price of Houston Area Home Builder’s Inventories.

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7.) Texas Home Buyers Negotiate Their Best Deal on Builder’s Inventories and Then Receive At Least Another 2.52% Additional Rebate From Their Realtor, Stuart Scholer


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