As a Buying Agent, Stuart shares his expert tips and resources with new home buyers to facilitate their search, as well as offer 84% and up to 94% cash back of all his commission.


Purchase Price Over Percent Cash Back Equivalent Percentage Back
$475K 86% of all my commission 2.58%
$600K 88% of all my commission 2.64%
$750K 90% of all my commission 2.73%
$900K 92% of all my commission 2.76%
$1.3M 94% of all my commission 2.82%
$2.0M 96% of all my commission 2.88%

Realtor Commission vs Flat Rate Rebate on New Home Purchase

Buying a New Construction Home in Texas and looking to get back cash back on realtor commission or flat rate rebate from your realtor? Do you know what is more advantageous for you, the buyer? A “percentage of the gross commission” ? ie: “84% of all cash commission paid by the Seller/Builder” A “flat dollar […]

Texas Builder Contracts: A Buyer Should Know

First lesson in Texas Real Estate Law… Almost invariably… “if it ain’t  in writin’… ya ain’t got nothin’ !” Please… no verbal agreements! Buyers need to understand that most large production Builders have their own contracts. These contracts greatly favor the Builder… not the Buyer. They will almost never allow any changes or strike-outs to […]

Will Builders Negotiate More Aggressively on Almost Completed Inventory Homes?

The short answer…Yes! Why? Once a Builder has completed drywall installation in an unsold Inventory Home they have much more incentive to sell that house. They no longer have just an empty lot that has very little liability and minimum carrying costs. Now the Builder has a tangible project, that starting from the days of […]

How To Save Your Yard, Water and Money

The Great Texas Drought of 2011- Lessons Learned How to Save Your St. Augustine Grass, Water, Time and Money If You Are Not Cutting Your Grass at a Height of 4 Inches…. Then Stop Cutting Your Grass For Two or Three Weeks! Here in Houston and South East Texas, St. Augustine grass is the most […]

  Consider a 3 Phase Inspection for Your New Construction Home

“But it’s a brand new home…is that really necessary?” I wanted to mention to you again the importance of getting your own Inspector to monitor the process of building your new home. If you give some thought about all the different stages and aspects of your new home, I think you will find it difficult […]

Tips for Buying a New Home from Builder

Buying a  New Home? Don’t make move until you read these tips! The following are a collection of Stuart’s expert tips for buying a new home from a Builder in Texas and getting a cash rebate – 84% of all of Stuart’s Commission Inventory vs Spec Home A house already under construction is an “Inventory […]



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