Stuart’s verbiage in the TAR-1501  Residential Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement, a legal contract with his Buyers, expresses the Rebate as such:

“Broker will rebate back to Client 84% of all cash commissions paid by Seller and/or Seller’s Agent to Broker at closing. Broker shall not seek any fees or commissions from Client under any circumstances. Add $200 if Client hires TREC Inspector for 3 Phase Inspection.  Rebate to be paid within 72 hours AFTER Stuart Scholer RECEIVES ACTUAL FUNDS.” 

Based on a 3% total Commission… If you do the math (3 X 84%)  you will see that the Rebate actually works out to 2.52% (of the 3%). But this is not the only advantage to the New Home buying consumer of getting 84% instead of 2.52%! Think about this… what if Stuart receives a 3% commission PLUS a $5000 Bonus from the Builder? If the stated Rebate is “2%” then that is what you will get;  2% of the purchase price… period! Nothing more. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PENNY OF THAT $5,000 bonus! But… what if the stated  Rebate is:  “84% of ALL cash commission”?  How much do you receive NOW?   Yeah…. the 2.52%  PLUS  $4200!!!

So… “how you say it does make a whole lot of difference.

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